"A Date with Connie"
"Accidental Hero"
"Cutting Bruce Some Slack"
"Departure From Rio"
"Does Buzzards Roost Exist"
"Favorite Pets"
"Fire waits for English Lesson"
"First Republican"
"First Television"
"Flying Lessons"
"JFK Comes to Town"
"Juke Jones Sister"
"Mister Muffet"
"Ol' Blaze"
"Saw-Horse Justice"
"Teacher's Pests"
"The Airport"
"The Arrested Hamburger"
"The Bantams"
"The Declaration of Independix"
"The Dog Who Ate the House"
"The Girl in the Window Seat"
"The Greatest Mud Pies"
"The Harness"
"The License"
"The Tractor"
"Walking to Auburn"
"Watermelon Men"
Short Stories
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We Are Galled to Admit You
You Are Commanded to Appear